Zen Villa by Designed Design Associates

Designed in 2017 by Designed Design Associates, Zen Villa is a
zen-inspired residence located in Singapore.

Modern living room with sectional sofa, wood accents, and dining area in background.
Modern living room with neutral tones, sleek furniture, and natural light.
Modern living room with neutral tones, sofa, and wooden staircase.
Modern kitchen interior with wooden cabinets and a central island.
Modern dining room with wooden accents and black furniture.
Modern loft space with wooden floors, shelving unit, and floor cushions.
Modern minimalist bedroom with a wooden bed, desk area, and built-in shelves.
Modern bedroom with neutral tones, pendant lights, and a study area.
Modern bedroom with a neatly made bed, wooden paneling, and soft lighting.

About Zen Villa

In the heart of Singapore, a contemporary architectural gem named Zen Villa emerges as a paradigm of tranquility and modern design. Crafted by the esteemed Designed Design Associates in 2017, the villa stands as a testament to meticulous space planning and the Zen philosophy. Its facade, a welcoming prelude to calmness, invites us to explore the serenity that unfolds within.

An Entrance Into Serenity

Upon entering, the spacious living area greets visitors with an air of poised elegance. Natural light bathes the room, accentuating the clean lines and soft color palette that define the villa’s zen design style. The careful placement of furniture and accessories complements the open-plan layout, enhancing the sense of harmony and flow.

The Heart of the Home

Transitioning to the dining area, the space is anchored by a robust table flanked by sleek chairs. Above, pendant lights dangle like meditation bells, while the adjoining open kitchen, replete with modern appliances and minimalist cabinetry, stands ready to host a culinary ballet. Here, form and function coalesce, providing a perfect setting for intimate dinners or engaging social gatherings.

A Study in Contrast

Ascending to the private quarters, the master bedroom offers a study in contrast, where dark hues meet the light, embodying the yin and yang of Zen philosophy. The plush bedding, interspersed with tasteful pillows, promises restful slumber, while the adjacent work area signifies the balance between rest and productivity.

Moving through the home, each bedroom reveals a unique character, yet adheres to the overarching principle of balance. Textured fabrics, subtle artwork, and strategic lighting create a cohesive narrative of peace and elegance.

In the den, the villa’s design ethos culminates with a cozy reading nook and a streamlined shelving unit. It’s a space that encourages reflection and intellectual pursuit, surrounded by the comfort of warm wood tones and soft textiles.

Zen Villa stands not merely as a house but as a sanctuary of design, where every element serves a purpose, crafting an environment of understated luxury and tranquility. It’s a modern ode to Zen, where life’s complexities are distilled into pure, elegant simplicity.

Photography courtesy of Designed Design Associates

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- by Matt Watts