Malibu Beach Modern by Caileen Designs

Malibu Beach Modern is a beautiful beach house located in Malibu, California, designed in 2017 by Caileen Designs.

Bright beachfront living room with white decor and ocean view.
Bright, beachfront living room with open doors leading to a balcony.
Modern bedroom with white bedding, gray walls, and exposed beams.
Modern bedroom with large windows overlooking the ocean.
Modern bedroom with dark accent wall, wooden floor, and minimalist decor.
Seaside deck with lounge chairs, umbrella, and ocean view.
Coastal balcony with outdoor furniture overlooking the ocean.

About Malibu Beach Modern

Embrace the allure of seaside serenity with a revamped beach house, designed to offer both relaxation and a touch of sophistication. As American editors for a premier architecture and interior design magazine, we’re diving into the transformation of a beachfront property that redefines coastal living.

A Fresh Perspective on Beach House Aesthetics

Drawing inspiration from a photography studio, the design team selected a striking black and white color scheme. This choice infuses the classic beach house with a modern, edgy vibe. Seamlessly blending mid-century modern pieces with contemporary finds and accessories, they transformed the beach cottage into a chic retreat.

Furthermore, the Master Bedroom underwent a significant transformation. A bold black accent wall now stands in vivid contrast to the pristine white wood interior, setting a dramatic tone. The team updated the mid-century modern bed and nightstands with fresh bedding, adhering to the black and white theme. They also introduced a new flatweave rug, stylish accessories, and a distinctive sconce to complete the room’s sophisticated look.

Maximizing Outdoor Living

The property’s jewel is its expansive deck, offering unparalleled views and a plethora of outdoor living options. The designers reimagined the layout to create distinct areas for relaxation, social interaction, and dining. They chose new outdoor furniture in shades of gray and white, echoing the interior’s mid-century flair, and introduced vibrant succulents in sleek black pots to add a pop of color. This strategic redesign not only enhances the property’s appeal but also leverages its scenic surroundings to the fullest.

By prioritizing a neutral palette and integrating both old and new elements, this beach house stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design. It invites guests to experience the epitome of coastal elegance, where every detail works in harmony to create a space that’s both inviting and visually stunning.

Photography courtesy of Caileen Designs

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- by Matt Watts