Oval Apartment by Designed Design Associates

Oval Apartment is a mid-century apartment located in Singapore designed by Designed Design Associates.

Modern living room with curved sofa and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Modern living room with sleek furniture and wooden accents.
Modern living room with neutral tones, sleek furniture, and wooden accents.
Modern living room with large sofa, patterned rug, and city view.
Modern dining room with elegant table setting and chandeliers.
Modern kitchen with island and an adjacent dining area.
Modern hotel room with twin beds, sleek furniture, and city view.
Modern bedroom with large bed, wooden floor, and city view through windows at night
Modern bathroom with city view, glass shower, and freestanding tub.
Modern bathroom interior with basin, toilet, and tiled walls.

About Oval Apartment

Nestled in the heart of Singapore, the Oval Apartment stands as a testament to the innovative vision of Designed Design Associates. This mid-century, contemporary apartment showcases a blend of form and function, a sanctuary designed for the modern inhabitant. Its construction, dating back to , invites residents into a world where every corner reflects thoughtful craftsmanship and an eye for timeless style.

Elegant Living Spaces

Upon entry, the living room welcomes with its sweeping curves and panoramic windows. The room’s circular outline, complementing the building’s oval blueprint, enhances the flow of natural light, illuminating plush sofas and sleek, modern decor. Here, comfort marries sophistication, and the city’s skyline becomes part of the interior tableau.

Transitional phrases usher us seamlessly into the study, where functionality meets finesse. A streamlined work desk faces outwards, offering inspiration from the bustling cityscape. Shelves display curated tomes and artifacts, while the muted color palette promotes concentration and calm.

Intimate Quarters

In the bedroom, soft, ambient lighting creates a tranquil retreat. The harmonious blend of luxury and simplicity invites restful nights, with the city’s glow serving as a backdrop. Here, each element, from the bedding to the artful placement of lighting, encapsulates the apartment’s overarching design ethos.

The guest room echoes this sentiment, offering a haven for visitors. Twin beds, adorned with rich, golden hues, offer comfort after a day in the city. The room’s design demonstrates an understanding of space and guest needs, providing both privacy and luxury.

Refined Amenities

Attention to detail continues into the bathroom. Marble surfaces and modern fixtures speak of refined tastes, while a glass-walled shower adds a touch of opulence. The bath, set against the city’s panoramic view, offers an unrivaled relaxation experience.

Culinary exploration becomes a visual delight in the kitchen and dining area. State-of-the-art appliances blend with minimalist cabinets, setting the stage for gastronomic adventures. The dining space, crowned with an elegant chandelier, is an invitation to linger over meals and conversation.

The Oval Apartment embodies the zenith of contemporary design, offering an urban oasis amidst Singapore’s dynamic pulse. Designed Design Associates have created not just a space but an experience, where every room narrates a story of modern luxury, serenity, and home.

Photography courtesy of Designed Design Associates

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- by Matt Watts