Casa PP by Sarah Pidatella

Casa PP is a modern apartment located in Pedara, Italy, designed in 2017 by Sarah Pidatella.

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About Casa PP

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Pedara, Italy, Casa PP stands as a testament to modern living. Designed in 2017 by the renowned Sarah Pidatella, this apartment merges sleek design with the warmth of a home. Its modern aesthetic is a beacon of contemporary elegance amidst the historic charm of its location.

Modern Living Redefined

Stepping into Casa PP, one is greeted by the spacious living room. The seamless blend of oak flooring and minimalist white walls creates a canvas for the natural light that floods in. The furniture, a study in modern comfort, invites one to relax, while artful accents hint at the designer’s meticulous attention to detail.

Transitioning to the dining area, the narrative of sophistication continues. A robust wooden table anchors the space, surrounded by sleek chairs that speak to Pidatella’s eye for functional beauty. Overhead, unique lighting fixtures are not just sources of light but sculptures in their own right, contributing to the room’s modern allure.

Culinary Chic

The kitchen is a marvel of modern efficiency, decked out in dark cabinetry that contrasts strikingly with the white walls. The integration of high-end appliances ensures that this space is as practical as it is stylish. It’s a place where culinary magic is bound to happen, against the backdrop of an elegantly understated design.

Sleek Serenity

The bathroom serves as a private retreat, with its crisp lines and tranquil color palette. The intelligent use of space is evident in the streamlined fixtures and storage solutions, while the choice of plants adds a touch of vitality. It is a space that perfectly encapsulates the ethos of Casa PP—modern, serene, and unequivocally refined.

Casa PP by Sarah Pidatella is more than an apartment; it’s a slice of modern luxury in Pedara, Italy. Each room is a chapter in a story of contemporary design, told with an expert’s precision and a connoisseur’s taste.

Photography courtesy of Sarah Pidatella

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- by Matt Watts