Cornwall Gardens by Chang Architects

Located in Singapore, Cornwall Gardens is a tropical paradise intended for multi-generation living designed in 2014 by Chang Architects.

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About Cornwall Gardens

A Multi-Generational Tropical Haven

Envisioned for multi-generational living, this house embodies the dream of an ‘open home’ – a cool tropical paradise for the family. It invites children to envision their future, raising families in this serene setting.

Harmonious Blend with Nature

Embracing an I-Thou relationship with nature, the house merges living spaces with the natural world. It integrates plants and water bodies seamlessly, enhancing the home with daylight, natural ventilation, and passive cooling. Moreover, this ecological-friendly design promotes wellness for all inhabitants.

Transforming Challenges into Features

At the entrance, a previously leaky retaining wall now blooms as a green courtyard, complete with a waterfall. This space greets visitors with lush tropical plants and the soothing sound of water, visible from every level.

Adapting to the terrain, the design cleverly uses built-up areas for planting tropical fruit trees. These trees not only cool the ambient temperature but also insulate the interiors. The home stands as a green oasis, featuring landscape decks and cascading planters. These elements frame a bio pool and ponds, which double as rainwater catchment areas for recycling in irrigation.

Innovative Outdoor Spaces

Verandas adorned with diverse plant species encircle the rooms, offering views of the central pool. A unique feature is the planter bridge of passion fruits. This bridge provides sun-shade, privacy, and an aesthetic charm.

A Magnet for Family and Wildlife

This house has become a beloved gathering spot for extended family and friends. Its natural allure also attracts diverse wildlife, from bees and butterflies to squirrels, enriching the ecosystem.

In conclusion, this house redefines ‘good class’ living in the tropics. It showcases the successful collaboration between the client, consultants, and builders, crafting a contemporary tropical paradise.

Photography by Albert Lim

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- by Matt Watts