La Binocle by Naturehumaine [architecture+design]

La Binocle is a timeless and minimalist cabin situated in Canada, was designed by Naturehumaine [architecture+design].

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About La Binocle

Crowhill Cabin: A Blend of Nature and Minimalism

Nestled in the Eastern Townships, the Crowhill cabin combines timeless design with minimalism. Its unique angular design highlights the stunning landscape around it.

Sustainable Design with Nature in Mind

The cabin’s solid foundations are built into a rocky cape, supporting two main structures that reach towards the trees. The first structure includes the main living areas, while the second features two cozy bedrooms. The sloping roofs mirror the natural slope of the land, giving a sense of harmony with the cliff. A connecting entrance between these two parts adds a unique touch.

The design smartly manages sunlight. South-facing roofs offer great views and keep the cabin cool in summer. Next to the kitchen, there’s a wooden platform facing west, perfect for enjoying sunsets. The exterior, with its burnt wood and hemlock planks, blends naturally with the environment.

Inside Crowhill: A Room with a View

The interior focuses on the breathtaking views. Large windows in the living area and master bedroom bring the outdoors inside. Floors throughout the cabin are ceramic with a concrete look, tying back to the natural foundation.

Crowhill cabin is more than a building; it’s a tranquil space designed to complement the landscape and offer a peaceful escape. Its thoughtful design merges beautifully with its natural surroundings, creating a perfect retreat.

Photography by Adrien Williams

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- by Matt Watts