Villa B by Studio KO

Located on the French island of Corsica, Villa B is a beautiful stone retreat was designed in 2015 by Studio KO.

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About Villa B

Nestled a stone’s throw from the sea, ochre walls rise above the cork oaks, echoing the rugged island terrain. The villa’s unique saw-toothed silhouette, marked by red-cedar gable roofs, follows the hill’s contour, allowing it to merge with the landscape seamlessly.

Integrating Nature and Design

One wall stands out, broader than expected, mirroring Corsica’s Citadel of Calvi. It hides a hallway spine connecting the rooms in a west-to-east flow. Inside, the sloping walls remain exposed, their raw texture blurring the line between indoors and out. This effect is heightened by large windows, a terrace offering sunset views, and a citrus-filled patio near the master suite.

The house cascades down the slope, its sections layered like mountain ridges, each preserving its own vista.

A Harmony of Contrasts

A gallery staircase descends to the garden level, where guests find their quarters and the kitchen. Here, access to a sleek pool offers respite from the intense sun. Light-colored pool tiles stand against the dark, lava-like indoor flooring, and the gable roofs create vaulted spaces in the living areas.

Embodying the classic Corsican spirit with a modern twist, the villa balances contrasts—sturdy yet inviting, shaded yet luminous, solid to the south yet open to the west—forging its identity through these dynamic juxtapositions.

Photography by Dan Glasser

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- by Matt Watts