The Byre by Border Oak

Redesigned and extended in 2016 by Border Oak, The Byre is an inspiring private house located in the United Kingdom.

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About The Byre

Rescuing The Byre: A Tale of Restoration

When Border Oak first saw The Byre, the old barn was almost a ruin. It was two cow barns joined together. The brick barn was in better shape than the older oak one. Plans were in place to fix it up, but soon, everyone realized they needed a bigger fix to save these historic buildings.

A Creative Approach to Saving History

Border Oak, along with the clients, their architect, and the Conservation Officer, acted fast. They decided to take down the timber barn to save the brick barn. The team carefully took apart the timber barn and moved it to Border Oak’s workshop. There, skilled carpenters checked and fixed the wood. They added new pieces to the old ones, mixing old and new in a clear way. They kept all the original wood they could and added new pieces made of green oak. These new parts were simple, making it clear what was new and what was old.

The finished project is a beautiful mix of the old barn and new touches. It shows off how the barn was fixed and updated. The work celebrates both the old parts of the barn and the new updates. It shows how traditional green oak framing can fit into modern family life.

Modern Living Meets Traditional Building

The Byre is now modern and fresh. It’s open and filled with light. The building methods are old, but The Byre uses them in new ways, mixing them with modern materials like concrete and glass. The building shows off great engineering.

This special project was even on Channel 4’s “Restoration Man.” George Clarke helped make the new frame, adding a special touch to this great renovation.

Photography courtesy of Border Oak

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- by Matt Watts