Pyramid House by Void Architecture

This modern wooden retreat located in Sysmä, Finland, was designed in 2017 by Void Architecture.

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Description by Void Architecture

A pyramidal roof culminating in a fully glazed nature observatory defines this wooden house built on a square footprint.

The owner of a beautiful plot stuck between a mountain forest and a lake in Finland wanted a house with a distinctive character that would offer the comfort of a contemporary lifestyle and, at the same time, establish a tight connection with the strong and beautiful natural features of the site.

A solution was found in a wooden building designed around a pure geometric shape, balancing clean contemporary lines, traditional materials and complex spatial solutions.

The house, built on a steep plot facing the shore of a Finnish lake, takes advantage of the outstanding beauty of its surroundings by creating special connections that are suitable for different seasons and activities.

The main feature of the house is the fully glazed observatory at the top of the building. From here, elevated and unobstructed views of the beautiful surroundings can be enjoyed. This space is conceived to appreciate the peace and quiet offered by the views, but also as a mountain top from where to dominate the internal spaces of the house as a whole. It represents the focal point of the whole building. From the apex of the pyramid, the multiple levels of the internal space are flooded with natural light.

Looking down from the observatory, the many levels of the house appear stacked against each other, while a fully glazed wall immediately facing the lake is also visible. This glass wall puts the double height main living area in direct connection with the lake. The living area is split into two levels to better adapt to the existing steep terrain and clearly define its internal functions.

An elliptical staircase wrapping around a stone fireplace gives access to the balcony level and is a unique feature of the full height living area.

Terrace decks articulate around the whole perimeter of the building and are laid on different levels, mimicking the pace of the surrounding terrain. The partial protection of wooden screens defines several areas of the terrace dedicated to a range of diverse uses and suitable for different times of the day.

The house is equipped with floor heating combined with ground-source heat. Its timber frame construction clad in spruce is insulated with natural materials achieving a thermal performance that guarantees an optimal level of comfort even during the rigidly cold Finnish winters.

Other facilities comprise a gallery kitchen, guest bedroom, sauna and two bathrooms.

The house is also fitted out with smart internet-connected devices that allow full remote control of features such as access, lighting and heating levels.

Photography by Timo Laaksonen

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- by Matt Watts