Can Pep Caliu by BLAKSTAD

Can pep Caliu is a beautiful Mediterranean house located on the Spanish island of Ibiza, designed by BLAKSTAD.

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About Can Pep Caliu

A Harmonious Blend of Slope and Structure

Nestled near Santa Eulalia, the residence emerges where the land slopes on two sides. The clients sought a U-shaped design, cradling a central courtyard. As a result, rooms gracefully transition across different levels, steps descending into each new space to optimize the site’s challenging dimensions.

Illumination and Perspective: The Home’s Canvas

Within, the home boasts vistas that allow the eye to wander. Additionally, skylights invite sunlight to cascade down, illuminating the interiors and creating a dynamic depth of field. Thus, the sun transforms into a live painting, casting evolving patterns across the home’s canvas of walls and floors.

Simplicity Echoing Through Time

The home’s finishes embrace simplicity, reflecting the island’s ancestral way of life. Moreover, the combination of raw woods, poured concrete, subdued hues, and natural fibers ensures that the architecture’s gentle essence shines through. Consequently, these elements provide a backdrop that allows the interplay of light and structure to take center stage.

Photography by Conrad White


- by Matt Watts