Vora Villas by K-Studio

Vora Villas project designed by K-Studio represents a handcrafted new property carved into cliffs located on the Greek island of Santorini.

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About Vora Villas

Vora: A Masterpiece of Design and Nature

Perched above a volcano, Vora captivates with stunning views of the island’s sunsets. Moreover, this new property boasts private villas, each skillfully integrated into caves and cliffs, suspended high above the sea. Inspired by the volcanic landscape, these exquisite villas feature minimalist Cycladic design. Additionally, custom-made furniture and a soothing color palette of beiges, grays, and dark brown woods enhance their charm. Furthermore, each villa includes a private infinity spa tub, offering an unmatched experience.

Architectural Symphony in Stone

From the entrance, a grey volcanic rock channel descends, weaving between angled walls. Consequently, this pathway splits a soft white mass into three unique villas. Neat, compact, and dynamic, these villas display a sculpted form against the volcanic rock path and retaining walls. Furthermore, Vora’s design, anchored in volcanic rock and local vernacular, seamlessly blends drama with comfort, privacy, and relaxation. Additionally, charred wood and blackened gun-metal within the villas highlight the strength of nature.

Contrasts and Comforts at Vora Villas

Vora presents a captivating series of contrasts: the expansive sun exposure contrasts with the cool darkness of cave rock; likewise, black volcanic rock stands against cool white curves. This blend of dark and light, sharp and soft, fosters an atmosphere of serene relaxation amidst dramatic surroundings. Also, Vora Villas honor local architecture, including charming details like arches, while infusing modern comforts. The Athens-based K-Studio skillfully transformed a challenging landscape into luxurious, multi-level dwellings.

White cement and dark stone pave the way to a divine experience. Hard angles, strategic stairwells, and private terraces with secluded spa tubs set the scene. Moreover, the deep blue of the Aegean Sea provides a stunning backdrop. The villas, adorned with custom furniture, local materials like black volcanic rocks, and Vasaltis marble, exude uniqueness. Luxurious bathrooms, equipped with blue Gascoigne double sinks, Pierre Boon faucets, and spacious walk-in showers, add to the villas’ splendor. Importantly, every detail, including the Tempur superior mattresses, is thoughtfully considered to ensure a restful stay.

Photography courtesy of Design Hotels

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- by Matt Watts