Black Soul by Suting Xie

Discover the artistry of Black Soul, an apartment where contemporary design by Suting Xie meets the vibrant urban landscape of Fuzhou, China.

Designed in 2019, this living space radiates with touches of gold and rose, embodying the year’s most coveted hues. Natural light dances through glass and steel partitions, illuminating the sleek Carrara white surfaces and the classic black shelving that speaks to a sophisticated yet passionate aesthetic. From the playful blue of the children’s room to the sun-kissed Roset bed, each detail in Black Soul crafts a narrative of luxury, freedom, and a zest for life.

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About Black Soul

Invigorating Spaces with Color and Light

Splashes of casual yellow breathe warmth into the setting, while the sun lazily highlights the playful Togo chair. Additionally, the space gains a playful character from the irregular wood flooring. Meanwhile, the breeze teasing the white shutters adds a touch of intrigue, as huge windows showcase the lush outdoors. Furthermore, a faint fragrance subtly elevates the sensory experience.

Elevating Function with Sleek Design

Abandoning traditional stair-building methods, the staircase adopts a gray-blue tone for its handrails, offering a calm yet commanding presence that mirrors the owner’s style. Moreover, large stones ensure visual continuity across floors, making the area a comforting haven for the soul.

Blending Form and Function with Modern Flair

The steel partition not only separates dining and living areas but also introduces a playful element with its irregular angles, simultaneously allowing natural light to cascade down the stairs. Similarly, gold accents, the year’s trend, add a luxurious romance to the neutral palette. In contrast, the rose gold’s brilliance and the snowy Carrara white table provide an oasis of calm sophistication.

Creating Harmony with Texture and Tone

The uniform black shelves exude a mature, stable charm, drawing the eye with their slender elegance. Moreover, glass and steel have replaced walls to let outdoor light stream into the interior, providing a sense of ‘borrowed light’. Additionally, the clever design of the toilet and cloakroom optimizes the space while the thoughtful wet-dry separation caters to practical needs.

Lastly, the children’s room, awash in blue, symbolizes purity and a thirst for knowledge, with beige softening the space and agate blue adding a dynamic edge. Finally, as Andersen professed, life isn’t complete without sunshine, freedom, and the fragrance of flowers, a concept brought to life as one enjoys the weekend sunlight from the comfort of a ligne Roset bed.

Photograpy by Li Di

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- by Matt Watts