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House in Tel Aviv by Anderman Architects

This two-story concrete residence located in Tel Aviv, Israel was designed by Anderman Architects.

Description by Anderman Architects

The relationship between open and closed, between heavy and light, between clean new materials to those who have been already scratched and used and mainly the relationship between exposed concrete and… All the rest. It is not an easy material. Concrete that is. It requires the best professionals, it does not have any mistakes range and it is expensive. Overcoming all these barriers it grants a solid ground and frame which other materials can rarely compete with.

In our perception the only law valid about concrete is that there are no laws.

Many tend to associate the concrete with a clean sterile appeal which is most suitable for “museum’s architecture”. Not us. We feel that the damaged wood floor ridged with scratches through time, the table made of wood boards which were separated from old crates, the shiny copper lamps, all connect amazingly to the concrete. As well as the garden. Especially the garden.

Photography by Amit Geron

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- by Matt Watts