Rombo IV by Taller Aragonés / Miguel Ángel Aragonés

Located in Mexico City, Mexico, this private space with three houses and a studio has been recently completed by Taller Aragonés / Miguel Ángel Aragonés.


Los Rombos are four bodies assembled together with the formal accident generated by the urban fabric.

It is a private space with three houses and a studio, in a central and wooded area of Mexico City called Bosques de las Lomas, with a continuous interaction with the tree; it is perhaps our most present and, in any case, the most immersive guest, just like the broad continuity of water. Fountains and mirrors are a constant natural resource in which the reflection sharpens the environment, in this (case) almost always green: as in almost all highly populated cities, the tree is a precious asset, as well as vegetation, water, land and even more intimacy nowadays.

I desired to have an exterior that would protect privacy, be seen only by the sky, the air or the sun, that could live in the house with the solitude that the city bustles.

Photography tells a small part of the history of what we discover as architecture, leaving aside the touch and expression of materials, the hardness and the softness, the heat and the cold, the voice of a space that accumulates the journey of the wind in the leaves of a tree, the sound of a fountain, the cooing (murmur) of silence, a picture does not describe the fragrance of a garden or the smell of incense: all this speaks of atmosphere and shelter, and I only find it in spaces that have the need to murmur with light. The shape of their most natural accident is nothing but the consequence of a space in search of intimacy, with oneself and of experiences that we wish to repeat in the form of architecture …

Photography courtesy of Taller Aragonés / Miguel Ángel Aragonés

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- by Matt Watts