Green Home by Acabadomate

This beautiful green home located in Barcelona, Spain, was redesigned in 2016 by Acabadomate.

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About Green Home

Reimagining Gothic Quarter Living

In Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, a ground-floor locale once displaying art now reclaims its residential purpose, offering tranquil garden views.

Blending History with Modernity

Divided into two cohesive sections, the space welcomes guests with a sunlit courtyard. A private bedroom with an en suite bathroom invites relaxation, while gallery furnishings find new life as innovative storage.

Beyond, the dining room, kitchen, and living spaces form the private sector. The living room and master bedroom, with direct garden access, merge old and new seamlessly. The renovation honors original wooden windows and classic ceiling features while introducing contemporary terrazzo floors, teal microcement walls, and custom white lacquered cabinets.

Cultivating Serenity in the Garden

Paths and flowerbeds, once obscured, now reflect the garden’s original design, thanks to meticulous restoration efforts. A careful plant selection maintains the garden’s authentic charm.

Below, an external spiral staircase leads to a vaulted haven for the owner’s electronic music pursuits, hinting at further creative expression in subsequent design phases. Thus, the residence’s artistic legacy continues to evolve with its new chapter.

Photography by Marcela Grassi

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- by Matt Watts