Zero-Room Apartment by MÁS epiteszek

Zero-Room Apartment is a tiny industrial apartment located in Budapest, Hungary, designed in 2019 by MÁS epiteszek.

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About Zero-Room Apartment

In today’s market, where real estate prices are climbing, the challenge of designing a tiny flat becomes increasingly significant. Consequently, we are compelled to extract maximum value from minimal square footage, ensuring even the smallest spaces offer superb living conditions.

Embarking on the transformation of a zero-room apartment, the design boldly rethinks a confined 35 m² (approximately 377 ft²) area. Initially, to amplify the sense of space, all interior walls were removed. Alongside the entrance, the necessary but enclosed functions—like the bathroom, toilet, and a petite mechanical room—were strategically placed. Subsequently, the ‘main’ room unfolds, a multifunctional expanse accommodating the kitchen, dining area, living room, and bedroom.

Given that this main room juggles multiple roles, the selection and arrangement of furniture were paramount. To prevent the potential clutter of overlapping functions, designers opted for adaptable, space-saving solutions. As a result, most furniture pieces can be cleverly concealed. The overarching aim was to forge a fully functional apartment that could effortlessly transition into a tidy, artistic space with just a few adjustments.

Moreover, to ensure the day-to-day mess remains out of sight, specialized opening and sliding doors were integrated into the furnishings. Thus, these innovative solutions enable the segregation of the flat’s main functions—by simply closing the kitchen doors or hiding the bed. Finally, this grants the occupants the luxury of an open and versatile living, working, and dining space.

Ultimately, this zero-room apartment serves as an inventive model for elegant, ‘roomless living’—a testament to the idea that even the smallest area can be crafted into a comfortable, efficient home.

Photography courtesy of MÁS epiteszek

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- by Matt Watts