Casa LSG#DM by RMK! Arquitetura

Designed in 2018 by RMK! Arquitetura, this contemporary two-story house is located in Pelotas, Brazil.


The LSG # DM residence project meets the requirements of the client in two formal units, a prism in exposed concrete supported by a glazed volume.

On the longitudinal direction, the volume of the upper floor is in orthogonal opposition to the ground floor, projecting itself further towards in both directions. Consisting of exposed concrete, the prism opens one of its faces to the best solar orientation, incorporating wooden movable panels that allow the control of natural insolation and ventilation of the intimate areas.

In the ground floor, the social area is limited by large glazed surfaces which are delimited by gables in natural stone, allowing the maximum integration with the exterior. Wooden brise-soleil, arranged in random rhythm, provide insolation control, privacy and cordial integration with the surroundings.

The projections, originated by the advancement of the upper floor over the ground floor, give rise to an outdoor porch and vehicle shelter. Under the slab of the ground floor, service areas are situated in a wooden volume. Sliding doors allow the integration of the gourmet area with the living room.

Photography courtesy of RMK! Arquitetura

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- by Matt Watts

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