Cloud by Terraza Balear

This spacious 2,000 sqm seafront villa located on the Spanish Balearic islands, has been recently completed by Domus Vivendi and Terraza Balear.

Description by Terraza Balear

Heaven can’t be far away sitting on the terraces of this beautiful house built directly on the cliffs. A house on this spot has to be spectacular simply to do justice to nature. The architects of Domus Vivendi have been aware of this challenge right from the start and the Terraza Balear team felt honoured to share this experience with them. ‘Cloud’ is certainly a huge house, built on 2000 m2, but more than that, it is grand by its design.

All furniture and decorations have been chosen with great care and attention to detail. Warm and earthy colours bring the outdoors in, clear line furniture follows the strong architecture. The whole ensemble of ‘Cloud’ is a masterpiece of art and skills. Quality and exclusivity have been the guiding principals and perfection subtly go beyond expectations. As the name suggests, it was created for living in seventh heaven.

Photography courtesy of Terraza Balear

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- by Matt Watts

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