Kivotos Santorini by Michael Haris

Kivotos Santorini is a luxurious resort situated on the Greek island of Santorini completed by Michael Haris Architecture.

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About Kivotos Santorini

Kivotos’ Legacy: A New Dawn in Santorini

Come summer 2019, the illustrious Kivotos luxury hospitality group is set to unveil a gem on Santorini’s shores. Flashing back to twenty-five years prior, Spyros Michopoulos brilliantly introduced Greece’s premier boutique hotel in Mykonos. This elegant haven, painted in serene pastels, exuded a unique artistic flair. Not only did it epitomize luxury, but it also became a beacon of tranquility, maintaining unparalleled service standards to this day.

Santorini: A Modern Echo of Timeless Excellence

Building on this lineage, the upcoming Kivotos Santorini marries tradition with innovation. Furthermore, it resonates with Santorini’s rich tapestry, intricately woven by a powerful volcanic eruption millennia ago. In crafting our design, we seamlessly infused these tumultuous roots. A blend of deep onyx-like hues coupled with vivid blues takes center stage—undeniably bolder than its Mykonos counterpart. This palette mirrors the island’s volcanic formations and the shimmering black pebbles lining its shores. In addition, innovative simulated wall ‘cracks’, complete with mood-enhancing automated lights, punctuate the design.

Prime Location with a Panoramic Vista

Strategically nestled in Imerovigli, the hotel boasts two elegantly tiered buildings. This locale is a masterstroke, offering solace amidst Santorini’s vibrant pulse. Impressively, guests are spared the typical island ascents. Instead, a convenient parking space welcomes them, with the secondary edifice a mere twenty steps away.

Opening onto an awe-inspiring 180-degree view, Santorini’s majestic bay and caldera unfold. Initially, the ancient Skaros acropolis captivates, rising defiantly from the azure sea. Broadening the view, jagged cliffs weave along the coastline. Beyond that, the iconic sunsets of Oia grace the horizon. At Kivotos Santorini, guests don’t merely observe this panorama—they command it. As a unique touch, our bespoke curved windows ensure the day’s final rays envelop guests, irrespective of the season.

Impeccable Suites and Stellar Amenities

The crowning Signature SPA villa, spanning 180 square meters (1937.5 square feet), overflows with opulence: from a regal king-sized bed to a Hammam, walk-in closet, and a dedicated gym. Adjacently, an alluring indoor pool, accentuated with a Jacuzzi, beckons, bathed in tranquil hues. The subsequent suite introduces a distinctive Water Lagoon with a Jacuzzi. Meanwhile, the remaining suites showcase expansive living areas, en-suite bathrooms, and an enticing outdoor lounge crowned with a Jacuzzi. All suites, without exception, are furnished with private balconies, Smart TVs, cutting-edge music systems, curated libraries, plush linens, luxury toiletries, and flawless Wi-Fi. For those seeking adaptability, we offer the choice of a combined four-bedroom or two-bedroom villa layout.

Dining and Service: The Quintessential Kivotos Touch

Patrons can anticipate gourmet culinary experiences, bespoke furniture, and an unwavering 24/7 butler service. Amidst Santorini’s captivating embrace, Kivotos carves out another five-star sanctuary, echoing its legacy of unrivaled opulence.

Photography courtesy of Kivotos Santorini

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- by Matt Watts