No Footprint House by A-01

No Footprint House is a contemporary retreat designed in 2017 by A-01 located at the edge of the vast tropical rain forests along the western coastline of Costa Rica.

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About No Footprint House

Bridging Design Dualities: Gastown’s Iconic Penthouse

Many couples approach us, each partner brandishing distinct design desires. However, differing visions often pave the way for groundbreaking designs.

Take this Gastown penthouse, for instance. Owned by our Creative Director and his spouse, their individual preferences posed a delightful challenge. While one dreamed of a space bursting with maximalism and visual intrigue, the other yearned for a tranquil haven. Fortunately, the finished home perfectly marries these two concepts.

From Poutine Pop Art to Joshua Tree Tranquility

Scattered around the home, vibrant pops – like poutine-themed artwork, a terracotta warrior statue, and a vivid chartreuse wingback chair – demand attention. Conversely, moments of tranquility surface in spaces like the all-concrete master bath, a universally neutral kitchen, and eclectic yet understated furniture. Moreover, an irresistibly plush oversized blue sofa promises relaxation.

Lastly, the entrance’s Joshua Tree wallpaper, inspired by their personal travel photo, serves as a poignant reminder. Indeed, every home corner offers a canvas, narrating the tales of its inhabitants.

Photography by Fernando Alda

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- by Matt Watts