9JW House by ONG&ONG

Designed in 2017 by ONG&ONG, the 9JW House is a new 3-story residence situated in Eastern Singapore amongst traditional shop houses.

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Situated in Eastern Singapore amongst traditional shop houses and hidden away within a sequestered residential node, the tranquil surroundings of 9JW-House belies the bustling activity of the nearby ports. Bungalows and inter-terrace houses line the shaded streets that twist deep into the neighbourhood. The new house occupies a corner plot, rising up at a bend in the road that is shaded on the opposite side by bougainvilleas and trees.

9JW-House is a new 3-storey residence which first announces itself through a striking front façade comprised of concrete, teak and glass. Behind a wooded gate and pebble-specked car porch, a lower front volume made of teak strips forms a sturdy base beneath upper volumes comprised of fair-faced concrete and glass. A black-framed glass viewing port stretches over most of the middle and upper volumes, providing a muted reflection of the daytime sky and the surrounding neighbourhood below.

Moving past the front door reveals an open plan ground floor. Beginning first with a cosy living room area built for both entertainment and gaming, the space flows inwardly to a dining area anchored by the concrete bench – a unique industrial addition. Both a wet and dry kitchen have been placed at the rear, incorporating an imported suar wood countertop and stainless steel cabinetry. Towards the left, square-shaped teak shelving displays books and pop culture paraphernalia – a prelude to one of the home’s main features that sits on the third floor.

The right side of the ground volume opens up to a wooden deck area, where a sukubumi tiled swimming pool with inbuilt jacuzzis extends along its length. Just beyond lies a lush garden area, anchored by a trio of feature trees that bolster the compact space. A sprawling frangipani sits at the front of the garden, followed by a retained mango tree which forms a magnificent centrepiece, while a row of yellowish bucidas line the back edge.

Opposite the garden, glass encased stairs set against light grey monju finished walls ascends to the upper floors – floating above the teak displays to create a pleasing contrast of tones. Two junior suites occupy the second floor, both subtly concealed from view for added privacy. This floor also contains a green planter space and rock garden set against the base of the black-framed viewing port. Here a giant bonsai tree adorns the exterior space, playing off the white sculptured staircase that rises up into the rest of 9JW-House.

The third floor reflects great attention to detail, with an array of features alluding to an owner that still keenly indulges his inner child. A fireman’s pole was installed for a touch of fun, together with a playful slide that has been carved into the sculptured stairwell, both linking the second and the third floor. The master bedroom features an array of luxuriant finishes, including an impressive ensuite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. Yet, what steals the show is the walk-through showroom that sits just outside the master bedroom.

Designed to showcase the owner’s massive collection of classic toys and collectible figurines, the showroom is akin to a private museum. Complete with adjustable display lighting and multiple ambient light settings, including fluorescent strips that line the floor, the showroom even contains sleek storage spaces that have been embedded into the floor to house the owner’s prized possessions.

The final touch for 9JW-House is a home theatre placed on the top floor. Featuring an intricate backdrop of cubed plywood that works to boost acoustics, the home theatre was conceptualised to provide an unparalleled entertainment experience. Like all the features within the house, the home theatre is tailored to specification – culminating in a dream bespoke home where every detail caters to the owner’s needs and preferences.

Photography by Derek Swalwell


- by Matt Watts