A28 by SEHW Architektur

A28 located in Berlin’s Zehlendorf district, is a modern two-story house redesigned in 2017 by SEHW Architektur.

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About A28

Reviving Industrial Brilliance: SEHW Architektur’s Masterpiece

SEHW Architektur has transformed an industrial building in Berlin’s Zehlendorf district. Through several metamorphoses, it finds renewed purpose.

Historic Roots, Modern Vision

Constructed in the 70s for business and production, its design served a functional aim. The lower ground floor housed the staff area, bathed in natural light by unique topography. The ground floor featured a spacious hall for deliveries and a machine shop. Offices occupied the first floor. A distinct grid and robust beams ensured a column-free space, with exposed concrete enhancing the aesthetic.

Modern Renovations, Timeless Features

Stripped to its core, the edifice retains the rugged beauty of its concrete structure. Skylights, a terrazzo-tiled staircase, and even the iconic flagpoles in the yard remain. Now, the structure thrives as a residence. A patio nestles between two living spaces on the ground floor. Removal of a ceiling slab forged a gallery connecting the two floors. The previous staff space has become a secondary suite.

Nature Meets Architecture

The exterior mingles planes, terraces, materials, and hues. Features include a bold black gate, sleek concrete, and black gravel juxtaposed with timber decks. Lush grasses and perennials display a riot of colors. Meanwhile, a dense canopy of trees envelops the “black box” building, further immersing it in verdant surroundings.

A Testament to Sustainable Design

This rejuvenated house stands as a beacon of sustainable design in our disposable age, promising even more transformations in the future.

Photography by Philipp Obkircher

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- by Matt Watts