Teph Inlet by Omar Gandhi Architect

Located in the picturesque coastal cottage country of Chester, Nova Scotia, Teph Inlet is a summer home for a young family designed in 2018 by Omar Gandhi Architect.


Formally composed of 3 rectilinear volumes on a plateau overlooking the ocean, the home is designed for optimal interaction with the outdoors. The main house is a stacked box clad in red cedar-clad horizontal boards hovering above a glass-encased ground level. Massive sliding glass panels allow the heart of the home, the kitchen and living room, to open up to the swimming pool and deck. Adjacent to the pool, at a right angle to the main house, is a pool house which accommodates private guest living quarters. The pool and main house make for an enclosed court on the private side of the house while an aluminum panel-clad garage forms the entry court on the public side of the house.

White quartz stone tops both accessory buildings which are stitched in plan by a linear sports area designed to accommodate a zipline and various activities enjoyed by the family.

Photography courtesy of Omar Gandhi Architect

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- by Matt Watts

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