V. Apartment by MalyKrasota Design

Located in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, this creative apartment has been recently designed by MalyKrasota Design.

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Architects from MalyKrasota Design finished the interior of the apartment in Kiev with a rich color of the walls, herringbone flooring and gold decor.

After redevelopment, the apartment of 106 square meters was divided into two large volumes – a living room with a kitchen, dining room, work zone and a terrace, and a second part, hidden from the eyes, with a bedroom, dressing room and a bathroom connecting to it.

Behind the hallway, walking along the blue “cube”, in the volume of which the guest bathroom, laundry, and storage are hidden, the space expands, and the living room opens in front of us. In the middle of this zone there is a large velvet sofa, kitchen with an island, which are a little hidden in depth, dining table, and work desk.
Light enters the room through the large glass doors that lead to the terrace with panoramic views of the central part of the city.

The interior is dominated by a rich color scheme – the main color of the vertical surfaces in the living room – deep blue – is complemented by a dark wood floor, copper surfaces of the kitchen island, gold details in the decor, bright colors of textiles. All this creates an interesting game of reflections which is constantly changing depending on the time of day.

Bathroom, dressing room and bedroom – are a common volume, which, if necessary, can be divided using curtains. One of the main elements in this zone was another cube – this time a glass one. It has a freestanding bathtub, and a walk-through shower from which you can see the bedroom with a large window.
The color accent in this zone has changed, instead of blue, warm beige color of the walls prevails here, along with dense pink textiles, light gray stone texture in the bathroom and warm wood texture in furniture elements.

The interior turned out to be polar, with a very clearly divided border between the daytime, more public zone, and the personal, intimate zone.
Which fully meets the needs of the owner of the apartment. Here you can hold big noisy parties, meet friends, or vice versa, you can be left alone with yourself, feel as comfortable as possible, soft and relaxed.

Photography by Yanchenkov Photography

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- by Matt Watts