Casa IV by Mesura

Located in the countryside around the city of Elche in Spain, this inspiring brick home was designed in 2015 by Mesura.

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IV House, designed by MESURA is an ambitious work marked by its long period of design and building, designed from the location&demand and formalized from its systems&details.

It is located in the countryside around the city of Elche, in a hot and humid climate and barren landscape.
The site consists of an existing home in the center of the field, leaving undefined surroundings: bad quality spaces and no exterior-interior relationship.

The first intention will be to limit the exterior spaces through a new built volume generating a triangulation between this, the existing house and the pool.
The intention is to separate the lived spaces of intimate spaces in relation to the climate, solar orientation, visual, topography and vegetation.

The ingredients introduced into the architectural equation (adding to implementation intentions in place and the response to the program) to IV are: structure, human scale, modulation and the atmosphere. All these ingredients are embodied through two main systems in place: Walls + Vaults and service packs.

The ultimate ambition of the work is to be able to master every centimeter of the final result.
The details that have been achieved after hours planning and researching the industry, getting define mechanisms, installations views, respect for the existing tree, (both internal and external) carpentry, hardware…

Photography courtesy of Mesura

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- by Matt Watts