Casa IV by Mesura

Located in the countryside around the city of Elche in Spain, Casa IV is an inspiring brick home designed in 2015 by Mesura.

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About Casa IV

The Vision Behind IV House

MESURA’s design of the IV House stands as a testament to meticulous planning, drawing inspiration from both its setting and specific demands.

A Canvas in the Countryside

Nestled in the countryside near Elche, the IV House confronts a sweltering, humid climate and stark landscape. An existing home sits at the plot’s heart, surrounded by ambiguous spaces lacking cohesion and a fluid indoor-outdoor connection.

Strategic Spatial Design

The primary goal? Introduce a new volume to define exterior spaces. This addition creates a dynamic interplay between the new structure, the original home, and the pool. Moreover, distinct spaces emerge, each attuned to factors like climate, sunlight, sightlines, topography, and local flora.

Architectural Alchemy

At the IV House’s core lie foundational elements: structure, human scale, modulation, and ambiance. These factors seamlessly meld into two architectural systems: Walls + Vaults and service packs.

Commitment to Precision

The IV House’s true triumph? Mastery over every centimeter (about 0.39 inches) of its outcome. Hours of rigorous planning and industry research paved the way. The result? Precision-engineered mechanisms, clear installation views, respect for an existing tree, and impeccable carpentry and hardware details.

Photography courtesy of Mesura

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- by Matt Watts