Residence in Boadilla del Monte by Marian Lozano Lladó

This spacious brick residence recently completed by Marian Lozano Lladó is located in Boadilla del Monte, Spain.


Solar located on a slight slope facing the morning sun. Access street by the east boundary.

Subject to these premises premises and with the intention of a project to scrupulously respect the trees, true heritage of the plot, it is proposed to collect the current terraces of the land, thereby reusing part of the existing foundation and forming a bank adapted to the relief of the land and responding to a specific family program develops a structure … Some plans that pose an external relationship where the garden has a main presence and trees are spatial organization arguments … where the obvious is discovered … the unmatched value of the shadow of a tree.

The house is understood as a one-story house with several levels of relationship with the garden, which give rise to different situations, each with its own spatial atmosphere, which greatly enriches the living of the house.

A day level, access floor, arises in contact with land, slightly raised above it … “floating over the garden” which produces an orderly and easy-to-live interior-exterior relationship. Open relationship … “float” … a bench to the garden, from the inside or a base on the garden, from the outside … the relationship between the exterior and the interior acquires many and varied nuances.

An elevated night level, first floor, is located between the treetops in close distance or over the treetops with more distance, discovering through them the horizon, the landscape, … The study is arranged, between both levels, access floor and first floor … A belvedere … a space in the heart of the treetops … a place that makes you feel the value of what matters and what it produces, under it in a natural way, the entrance threshold … the shade that welcomes and is a natural extension of the house in summer, evokes … the unmatched value of the shadow of a tree.

In the western area of ​​the plot and adjusting to the relief of the land, the service and technical area is available, hiding its volume and opening to the south with a recessed green patio that introduces light and views from its interior to a green hillside getting privacy and allowing See the trees and the sky. The tender area is hidden from the life of the house and the cover of the projected service area is an “outdoor carpet” in the garden, an area in contact with the kitchen and in a position of privilege and shelter that allows transparency of views of the entire plot through the kitchen and the entrance threshold … see through … the Alhambra in Granada shows us.

Photography by Aires Photo Spirit

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- by Matt Watts

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