Brick House with Rammed Earth Wall by Ast77

This spacious brick house located in Tienen, Belgium, has been designed in 2020 by Ast77.


The house forms the head of a continuous row of 12 and makes the transition to the adjacent park.

The west facade consists entirely of glass, so that the interior space is flooded with light and it feels as if nature interweaves with the interior. Outside, the mirror glass provides privacy and confronts passers-by with a reflection of the park’s poplars. These also provide perfect natural sun protection against the low evening sun.

Unique to this house is the 15m high rammed earth wall that is central to the interior. The other materials used are steel, concrete, brick, wood and glass. The combination of this rough, earthy gives the interior a warm and natural look.

The house is designed as a sustainable tailor-made suit. The outer shell is determined, but the plan and its interpretation are free and adaptable to the evolving housing needs of the current and future residents.

Photography by S. Massart

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- by Matt Watts

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