Small Apartment in Moscow by Tim Gabrielyan

This small 581 sq ft apartment located in Moscow, Russia, has been recently designed by Tim Gabrielyan.

Description by Tim Gabrielyan

This small apartment of 54 square meters is located in the center of Moscow. The apartment is of a regular rectangular shape with 3 windows from the floor and one ordinary window overlooking the quiet courtyard of an old house of the 19th century. The great Russian writer Lev Tolstoy lived and worked in one of the parts of this house. The apartment project was created for a young business man and he works in Moscow for several months of the year and wanted to spend time in his personal apartment instead in hotel rooms. Therefore, the apartment has a large dressing room and a large master bathroom as well as a guest toilet and a small kitchen, a living room with a bar counter. Ceiling height 3.4 meters. But for such small rooms, the ceilings were too high, so the ceiling was lowered to 3.15 meters. The main idea of ​​the apartment was minimalism. A minimum of furniture and a minimum of color and shades in the interior. A large mirror at the entrance to the apartment increases the small space of the corridor and adds light to this shadowy corner of the apartment, but it’s just a very convenient large mirror. Such a mirror should definitely appeal to the owner’s girlfriend)) In each room (including the bathroom and the guest toilet) there are two lighting scenarios, and even three in the bedroom and living room. The main and decorative light help create the right atmosphere in the apartment, depending on the mood.

Photography courtesy of Tim Gabrielyan

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- by Matt Watts

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