JB House by Idin Architects

Designed in 2017 by Idin Architects, this modern single family house is located in Thailand.

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JB House is a small house for couples who plan to have no child. These two main users have their own private world and are very different in lifestyle but they can see each other all the time. The man loves taking photographs and baking. His main activity is at the kitchen island while the woman who works in the field of books and loves drawing needs a large working table for her reading and writing. The architects integrated all requirements as a concept of the design. Because of the limitation of construction on cost and land area, the two main activity areas are separated into two floors. The woman takes the upper floor while the man gets the lower floor. To let the owners see each other directly while doing their own activities, the kitchen island and the large working table are placed in the exact same vertical position; a huge glass is used for the top of the woman’s working table which creates a visual connection to the kitchen island below allowing them to see each other while doing their own activities. Furthermore, the upper floor is designed tohave three connecting steps which its angle blocks the guest area to see the upper area. Between each step, there is a stripe glass window which allows only owners to privately keep in touch. Mimicking the character of the old parent’s house in the front , all upper areas are covered with double wooden screens which can be a shelter against the inquisitive and heat in harsh sunny day. Along the stairs to the upper floor, the walls are designed to be huge bookshelves for a book lover like her. There are enough spaces for a lot of books to come in the future. Above the shelves are skylights for lightening up her favourite space during the day. From the facilities and spaces that had been designed were believed to flourish the relationships of people living in this house.

Photography by Ketsiree Wongwan

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- by Matt Watts