Open Mazzini by RM\ Architecture

Open Mazzini redesigned in 2018 by RM\ Architecture, is a modern apartment located close to Rome’s Piazza Mazzini.

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About Open Mazzini

Prestigious Renovation in Rome’s Heart

Studio RM\Architecture masterfully renovated a spacious property in Rome’s Prati district, near Piazza Mazzini.

Meticulous Design with Fine Finishes

Every detail reflects the needs of tech-savvy, functional-focused clients. Strategic demolitions linked the home’s windowed facades, maximizing sunlight and enhancing architectural space.

Redefining the Living Area

The main living space revolves around a kitchen system, which cleverly conceals its vertical equipment. Part of it remains open to the living room, subtly separated by horizontal planes and elements.

Optimizing the Dining Area

Given the limited space, the dining area features a custom-made table with a fixed wooden bench, marking the transition to the sleeping area.

Journey to the Night Zone

Past the entrance, a corridor leads to various rooms: a guest bathroom, a master bedroom with an ensuite and custom fittings, and a single bedroom.

Elevated Bath Amenities

The elevated bathroom area boasts integrated LED lighting, ensuring visibility even at night.

Master Suite: Contemporary Elegance

The spacious master suite exudes modern sophistication, complemented by a high-quality bathroom. A glass-walled shower creates a captivating play of light.

Sophisticated Ceiling Design

Floating ceilings with diffused lighting demarcate residence areas, concealing advanced tech infrastructure.

Furniture and Finishings

Custom white-lacquered furniture contrasts beautifully with select Italian and artisanal design pieces.

Photography courtesy of RM\ Architecture

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- by Matt Watts