Yasu House by Hearth Architects

This modern single family house located in Ōtsu, Japan, has been designed in 2019 by Hearth Architects.


The lot is located in an old residential quarter at the foot of mountains named “Ohmi-fuji”.The house is between a park and a river.Therefore, I took advantage of the great view.In particular, all windows are located in north and south which is good view.I made much accunt of a space with foliage.

I arranged the living room and the kitchen, which are main spaces in a house, in the good view upstairs.There is a large opening window in the spaces so we can let in light and wind.And there is a tunnel-shaped balcony in upstairs, and I could make a buffer zone which is integrated with the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.I tried to generate diversity in life.

I set up openings in all ends of lines of flow for housework.There are walls or plantations which can become eye-stop in the spaces.I tried to make the light shading, the expanse and the abundance of spaces.I believe that the clients can enjoy the change in four seasons and time from their own room because I took nature well.

Photography by Yuta Yamada

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- by Matt Watts

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