PV Z Apartment by NIDO Interiors

This contemporary 2,390 sq ft apartment located in Moscow, Russia, has been recently designed by NIDO Interiors.

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We created this project for the clients that found us following the long trail of recommendations from our previous works. The original agenda was to create a project of an apartment for a big and friendly family, therefore there was a challenge to create a thought-through space-planning solution. The separate kitchen was one of the main conditions in this project – the clients cook a lot and love to invite guests. All in all, we had to create four bedrooms, three bathrooms (plus guest-bathroom), closets, laundry and storage room adding those to the obviously and essentially large living-room. And that’s a lot even considering the initial 220 sq.m. we had to work with. The space was almost perfect – the square area with 11 panoramic windows on three sides, a dream come true for any architect.
Clients’ desire to separate the rooms and our aspiration towards the open corresponding spaces formed the idea of the 9 sq.m. motorized wall dividing the living-room and the kitchen that fully disappears inside the marble panel. The same idea was used at the entrance to the living-room with a large glass door – therefore we managed to create a large circular-movement space with all doors opened. The demand for classical elements such as gypsum stucco works, marble, wood and door panes was reconsidered and fulfilled with a new modern approach.

Marble also plays and important role in this project – its color and active pattern create the mood in a very neutral and calm environment formed by other materials and textures. We also used marble in the bathrooms – the kids’ bathroom is brightened up by the optimistic terrazzo by DZEK. It was also crucial to provide the natural ambient light in the apartment’s transit zone, that is why we repeated the living-room door material on the nearby wall (partly making it out of glass).

There are almost no ready-made solutions or objects – among the few are chairs, a table, a sofa, a part of bathroom fitments and half of the kitchen (shining B3 Bulthaup kitchen fronts). As an alternative to classical cut-glass chandeliers we chose Aria Gold Medium by Slamp made out of ORALFLEX material designed by Zaha Hadid. The furniture, panels, kitchen equipment block including the storage room, the bath and sinks, the mirrors and beds – all of these were individually designed by our studio for this particular project.

Photography by Sergey Krasyuk

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- by Matt Watts