PV Z Apartment by NIDO Interiors

PV Z Apartment is a contemporary 2,390 sq ft home located in Moscow, Russia, recently designed by NIDO Interiors.

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About PV Z Apartment

Tailored Design for a Modern Family

A trail of glowing recommendations brought our clients to us. They wanted an apartment tailored to their large, lively family. Cooking and entertaining stand central to their lifestyle, making a separate kitchen essential. Our task? Designing four bedrooms, three bathrooms (plus a guest restroom), closets, a laundry, and storage room around a grand living area. A formidable challenge, even with an expansive 220 sq.m. (2368 sq.ft.) space.

Maximizing Panoramic Views

The apartment’s layout was nearly flawless: a square space boasting 11 panoramic windows on three sides. Every architect’s dream.

Seamless Space Solutions

Balancing the clients’ desire for separate rooms with our love for open spaces led to innovation. A 9 sq.m. (97 sq.ft.) motorized wall now divides the kitchen and living room, vanishing into a marble panel when needed. Coupling this with a large glass entrance door, we crafted a spacious, fluid living area.

A Modern Take on Classical Elements

The clients’ penchant for classical features like gypsum stucco, marble, wood, and paneled doors received a contemporary makeover under our guidance.

Marble: The Game-Changer

Marble, with its rich hues and intricate patterns, became a mood-setter in this neutral, calming environment. This material even graces the bathrooms, including a lively terrazzo by DZEK in the children’s bathroom. Prioritizing natural ambient light, we mirrored the living-room door’s material on an adjacent wall, partially crafting it from glass.

Custom Creations Abound

Off-the-shelf solutions were minimal in our design. While chairs, a table, a sofa, some bathroom fixtures, and half the kitchen (featuring radiant B3 Bulthaup fronts) were ready-made, the rest bore our custom touch. Instead of traditional chandeliers, we opted for the Aria Gold Medium by Slamp, crafted from ORALFLEX and designed by Zaha Hadid. Furniture, panels, kitchen units, storage spaces, baths, sinks, mirrors, and beds – we meticulously designed each element for this project.

Photography by Sergey Krasyuk

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- by Matt Watts