Small House by Fala Atelier

Small House located in Amarante, Portugal, is an inspiring modern house designed in 2018 by Fala Atelier.

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About Small House

A Granite Marvel: Crafting Beauty Amidst Antiquity

Nestled beside a lush garden, a quaint granite shack undergoes a transformative rebirth. Its unique design boasts a slightly skewed layout and a commanding sloped roof.

Flowing Spaces: The Magic Inside

Each floor flows as a single space, bound together by an elegant spiral staircase. The living area on the ground level seamlessly blends with the garden, while the bedroom above harnesses the picturesque views.

Tower Addition: Merging Function and Flair

An audacious tower sprouts, bluntly attached to the main structure. This new appendage accommodates a cozy bathroom below and an impressively tall shower overhead. Inside, intricate details unfold. A curved wall on the first floor not only unites both sections but also discreetly houses technical pipes, storage, and adds a hint of whimsy to the bedroom. The interiors shine with a clean palette: pristine white walls, striped wooden floors, snippets of white marble, and splashes of mint-green carpentry. It beckons as a delightful dwelling.

Contrasting Facades: Old Meets New

The exterior dazzles with a blend of white and pink triangles, starkly setting the old apart from the new. This vibrant pattern, coupled with a sleek metal roof, crowns the enduring granite walls. Meanwhile, freshly tinted doors and window frames punctuate the façade.

The Tower’s Bold Statement

The tower stands tall, embodying a playful defiance. It radiates audacity, marking a grand gesture for an otherwise understated design.

Photography by Ricardo Loureiro

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- by Matt Watts