Casa MB by GM Arquitecto

Casa MB located in Mahon, Spain, is an inspiring two-story house designed in 2019 by GM Arquitecto.

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About Casa MB

Crafting a Family Sanctuary: Meticulous Design Meets Functionality

From inception, this property’s project carried a crystal-clear vision tailored for a family. The house showcases a spacious open-plan area, housing communal rooms, and orienting eastward for optimal window exposure.

Strategic Layout: Embracing the Elements

The bathrooms, featuring minimal openings, face west. Seamlessly, the kitchen and dining area spills into the garden and pool. In summer, it transforms into a breezy porch, complemented by a sliding pergola to modulate sunlight.

Private Spaces: Uniformity Meets Comfort

Upstairs, four uniformly designed bedrooms embrace the eastern sunrise. Meanwhile, three bathrooms settle to the west. Bridging the floors, a dual-space core promotes light and air circulation, boosted by an overhead fan. The connecting staircase seamlessly blends with a first-floor gallery.

Mastering Compact Design

Given the plot’s constraints, occupancy awareness proved crucial. We designed a compact structure, navigating ventilation challenges in the bedrooms. Composite windows, infused with wooden carpentry, offer breathability, keep mosquitos out, and ensure unspoiled views of Mahón Harbour. Our drive for natural airflow birthed shutters, flush with the eastern facade, powered by electric pistons.

Basement Features: Beyond Utility

Beneath, a multipurpose basement houses a laundry, garage, and a light-flooded courtyard. Moreover, a 35-ton water tank (equivalent to 9,245.46 gallons) captures rainwater from the roof.

Eco-friendly Pool & Vibrant Greenery

Enhancing the property, a wholly natural pool glistens, flanked by native plants. These greens adorn the plot’s walls, introducing a burst of coolness and color during summer’s peak.

Photography by Adrià Goula

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- by Matt Watts