Terraces by Unparelld’aquitectes

Located in Sant Esteve d’en Bas, this two-family holiday home has been redesigned in 2019 by Unparelld’aquitectes.


Two slabs sew the houses of Can Man and Can Central in Sant Esteve d’en Bas. The two-family holiday home, with one floor for each, now has the opportunity to expand the home space with more open-air living spaces.

The two bays in Can Central correspond to the original house and a progressively built courtyard. The emptying of the added constructions recovers the conditions of habitability. The free space is partially covered with three levels of terraces, which open to the west gradually and leave a patio behind.

The set of patio and terraces guarantees lighting and ventilation in both houses. They are multipurpose pieces that are now the center of gravity of each house, with folding closures that allow them to be transformed.

The interior of the renovated house is organized in three areas: the main room, a perforated wall that houses furniture and services, and the longitudinal staircase that extends the lower floor apartment and the shared terrace.

Photography by José Hevia

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- by Matt Watts

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