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Island Rest designed in 2019 by Strom Architects, is a contemporary holiday home located on the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom.

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About Island Rest

Introducing ‘Island Rest’: A Haven by the Solent

“Island Rest” epitomizes our take on the modern family vacation home. Nestled in the picturesque Isle of Wight creek, it claims a sprawling plot with unobstructed waterfront access and panoramic Solent vistas.

A Sanctuary for Busy Lives

Our entrepreneurial clients craved an oasis. They sought a tranquil retreat uniting their family and amplifying their bond with nature. Chiefly, they wanted seamless access to the Solent and its plethora of aquatic adventures.

Architectural Brilliance: Design Meets View

Our blueprint introduces a single-story rectilinear structure. It harmoniously integrates the primary living and dining spaces with an adjoining bedroom corridor. However, we positioned the master suite distinctly, at the living space’s opposite end, ensuring its direct deck access. Every room deliberately captures northern views. Furthermore, living spaces open to a sun-kissed south-facing courtyard. This design choice floods the interior with light, magnifying both spaciousness and the entrancing exterior views.

Tackling the Waterside Challenge

Given its waterside location, we meticulously adapted to the site’s unique nature, especially concerning flood risks. By elevating the floor to the site’s apex—beyond future flood zones—the house extends singularly. As the terrain descends, the bedroom section seemingly levitates above the descending landscape.

Landscaping: Embracing Nature’s Beauty

Landscaping didn’t take a backseat. From inception, we envisioned a raw, organic exterior. Hand-trimmed pathways weave through wildflowers, designating diverse functional zones and interests.

We secured planning permission in August 2018, and by 2019’s end, “Island Rest” stood completed.

Photography courtesy of Strom Architects

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- by Matt Watts