Simple Luxury Living by Wood & Col Interior Design

This luxury penthouse apartment located in Tanjong Tokong, Penang, Malaysia, has been designed by Wood & Col Interior Design.


Skyridge Garden, a luxury high-rise residential development in Tanjong Tokong, Penang Malaysia. This high-end penthouse lies nestled on a serene and densely tree-laden land by the unhindered sea views, embraced by over 5 acres of lush landscaping and parks, sea breeze and shady trees.

Seeking for a balance between work and life, we interpret a life philosophy that combines “modern” and “zen” through the combinations of materials, space planning, deco items and colour palette. The owner of this house is made up of music lovers, thus an eye-catching grand piano naturally becomes a focal point upon entering the foyer of this penthouse. The placing of this piano acts as a luxurious detail to makes it stand out and enhances its glamorous effect of the entire living hall.

The overall style is characterized by neutral and elegance classic dark palette combined with a subtle luxurious and sleek details that make up a calm and tranquil atmosphere. Neutral colours give the house a minimalist look and act are within design aesthetics.
The space planning is simple, open and wide thus making the public space more transparent and smoother by integrating materials such as stone and wood to create a delicate and exquisite aesthetic. This can achieve a balance of life between urban and natural with the purest material and natural light and shadow.

Photography by xijproduction

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- by Matt Watts

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