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Experience the blend of luxury and tranquility at Simple Luxury Living, a stunning penthouse in Tanjong Tokong, Penang, Malaysia. Created by Wood & Col Interior Design, this residence combines modern minimalism with zen elements, centered around an elegant grand piano.

Nestled in Skyridge Garden, a luxury high-rise, the penthouse provides breathtaking sea views from its lush, five-acre landscape.

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About Simple Luxury Living

Unveiling Skyridge Garden: A Luxurious High-Rise Oasis

Skyridge Garden is a luxury high-rise residential development, a beacon of opulence set amidst the tranquility of Tanjong Tokong, Penang, Malaysia. This elite penthouse finds its home nestled within a serene, tree-rich landscape complemented by uninterrupted sea views. An expansive, lush paradise spanning over 5 acres (about 20,234 square meters) brims with vibrant greenery and parks, creating an atmosphere that captures the cool sea breeze and offers the calmness of shady trees.

Crafting a Balanced Lifestyle: The Fusion of Modern and Zen

In our quest to craft a balanced work-life environment, we’ve taken a unique approach, intertwining elements of “modern” and “zen” within our design philosophy. This comes to life through the integration of materials, spatial planning, decorative items, and a thoughtful color palette. With the owners being passionate music enthusiasts, a majestic grand piano becomes an arresting centerpiece in the penthouse’s foyer. It serves as a luxurious detail, instantly drawing attention and amplifying the glamour of the entire living space.

Sophistication in Simplicity: The Aesthetic Vision of Skyridge Garden

The prevailing style of the penthouse is a masterful mix of understated elegance and classic sophistication. A neutral yet dark palette pairs gracefully with subtle, luxurious details, invoking an ambiance of tranquility and calm. The neutral tones bestow upon the house a minimalist look, beautifully aligning with design aesthetics.

Innovative Space Planning: Merging Urban and Natural Elements

Our spatial planning promotes simplicity, openness, and spaciousness, fostering a seamless and transparent common space. By integrating materials like stone and wood, we’ve crafted an aesthetic that’s both delicate and exquisite. This strategy allows us to strike a balance between urban and natural elements, leveraging the purity of materials, and the play of natural light and shadow.

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- by Matt Watts