Apartment Arch 7 by Bohrer Arquitetura

This contemporary 78 sqm apartment located in Londrina, Brazil, has been recently designed by Bohrer Arquitetura.


Exploring a fluid and playful attitude toward design, a cozy and functional apartment of 78m² is achieved.

Each room maintains its distinct characteristics in a light, airy and organized manner. It also prioritizes the number and use of cabinetry to create an open and spacious circulation.

The kitchen and laundry areas, utilizing the same stylistic language of contemporary and creative design, meet all the needs and wants of modern life.

The sensual curves formed by the walls create a counterbalance to the brutality of exposed concrete, created with the use of special textured paints and materials (Castelatto).

Some of the furniture and all of the cabinetry were developed especially for this project, to bring out the maximum potential from the plan and highlighting the positive points of the architectural project.

The lighting used in the master bedroom was chosen to bring a sense of comfort and coziness.

In the bedroom a light green paint was chosen to enrich the overall decoration scheme leaving it with its own personality.

Photography by Fellipe Lima

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- by Matt Watts

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