VC House by Dumay Architects

This single-story seafront residence located in Chile has been designed in 2018 by Dumay Architects.


Our architecture office has been requested to build a home in the North-Central coast of Chile, specifically in the Huentelauquen area. The region is arid, characterized by mild winds blowing from the coast inwards.

The house is situated on a 5.000 m2 lot (6,000 yd2), on a mild 3 to 5% slope facing west, with a remarkable view of the Pacific Ocean. The building is located in the highest point of the lot, has the main access from the East, with a spectacular view of the tidal waves and sea breakers.

The intervened area which is bounded in the lot, concentrates all the inside and outside area which is delimited within a perimeter of concrete foundations rustic, on top of which wooden and glass walls are erected, which provides a better thermal protection. A close relation between the inside and outside program is proposed as a part of a same volume. The program is organized in three zones: a main bedroom and secondary bedroom in one side of the house; the public area connected to an inner patio; and a more independent bedrooms area at the other side of the house. An inner patio for public activities is protected from the outside weather, namely wind, offers privacy. To the West, a large shaded terrace with built-on furniture faces an ocean view.

Photography by Ignacio Infante Cobo

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- by Matt Watts

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