Samprat Bungalow by Design Studio Associates

This stylish contemporary bungalow located in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, has been designed in 2019 by Design Studio Associates.


Creating a huge stylish contemporary bungalow is often a task far more challenging due to its scale and exclusive requirements. It can be put forth as a test of imaginative abilities when it comes to designing such a massive space, as it is mandatory to define limitations in the first place. A similar scenario was perceived in this mansion, which is extraordinarily modern and ergonomic in function.

Incorporating a blend of traditional and contemporary design style lead to a finished eclectic style bungalow. This unifying and merging of themes accomplishes in tempting night visuals. The private zone maintains their seclusion from the entrance pathway and parking lot, giving the people of the family their own space of solitude. The bungalow enchants a worthy living experience with a lavish amount of space available outside as well as inside. The primary essence of the building resides in its art of elevation treatment done through the usage of variant urban textures, claddings, and screens.

In a nutshell, the ravishing details and the wonderfully articulated interiors restored a positive vibe in the house for the users as well as the guests. The glamorous collection of elements with a luxurious touch impresses everybody and certainly is a ‘dream house’ for many.

Photography by Tejas Shah

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- by Matt Watts

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