Farmhouse by Marina Kutepova

This inspiring wooden house located in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, has been recently designed by Marina Kutepova.

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Wooden house in the style of English country. The house is located in Russia, in the city of Chelyabinsk. Two bedrooms, one of them a guest room, a bathroom, an entrance hall from which we can get into the dressing room, a living room combined with a kitchen. The interior design of each room and the house as a whole was built on the same principles. The area of ​​the whole house is 130 square meters.

At the entrance to the house we are greeted by a bright hallway. In it, we did not forget about the functionality, most of which is hidden in the wardrobe. We unloaded the bathroom from household utensils and appliances, also moving them to the wardrobe. Thus, there is enough space in the bathroom for relaxation and rest.

Zoning of premises – without clutter with partitions. Moving from room to room, we transferred a piece of decorative and stylistic design, preserving the color combination in the interior of each room in different proportions.

Our task was not to recreate any style in its purest form. The customer of the interior of this house really likes the rich color combinations. The main starting point was the sofa in blue Ralf Louren. It was around him and the fireplace that a recreation area was built in the living room, to which the kitchen space adjoins and becomes part of a single whole. Large windows overlook the courtyard, which allowed us to abandon functional textiles and decorate the room with shutters. A fireplace and a TV took such a place that you can watch the fire and your favorite series from any sofa and any area of ​​the kitchen – working or dining.

The owner of the house wanted to bring simplicity of a village way and proximity to the nature to an interior. It was necessary to emphasize that this is a rural village house. The main style has become the English country, but in the interiors of the bedroom and guest are also visible chalets and Provence. As accessories, lamps and utensils made of aged copper and bronze, figurines, paintings are selected. For the most part, all materials are natural: parquet, stone, wood. Numerous pillows, carpets, upholstered leather, ornaments on the walls of the bedroom add coziness and comfort to the atmosphere.

Photography by Natalya Gorbunova

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- by Matt Watts