Portixol I by PMA Studio

This minimalist holiday home recently designed by PMA Studio subtly mixes Scandinavian and Mediterranean aesthetics and is situated in the charming neighborhood of Portixol, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

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Portixol neighborhood develops around a historic fishing harbor of the city of Palma. In the latest years it has become one of the trendiest and sought after areas in Mallorca.

The project consists in the complete renovation of a traditional rowhouse, situated on a very narrow plot. Despite the slender shape of the property, the planning ensured that the interiors of the home still received plenty of light.

The proposed distribution takes advantage of the most of natural light, by putting the living room at the end of the plot, next to the main patio. A large sliding glass door allows occupants to expand their living space outdoors.

At the front of the property there is a generous entrance, with a sitting area and storage space. The entrance door and a window to the patio flood this area with natural light.

The main bedroom is situated next to the entrance, while the children bedroom occupies the area where the floor plan narrows, with a glass door opening onto the living area and a skylight to provide better lighting.

A double sink entirely made of natural stone is located in the vestibule immediately next to the living room, where the plot expands. The two bathrooms are accessed through this area, which also gives access to a metallic custom-designed staircase, leading to the rooftop.
On the rooftop there is a laundry room and an outdoors kitchen. An L-shaped bench covered in local limestone is built on one side of the terrace.

Moving throughout the home, the expansion and contraction of the space defines the distribution and the different degrees of privacy.
As the clients were keen for the house to have a timeless aesthetic, natural materials and light colors were used throughout the space.
Ceramics, limestone flooring and exposed wooden beams resonate with the Mallorca tradition, while black window frames and fixtures were chosen to connect the house with the Scandinavian roots of the clients.

Minimalist Nordic furniture pieces are mixed with local straw and natural fabric decor.

Photography courtesy of PMA Studio

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- by Matt Watts