Top 5 Features to Highlight When Selling Your Home

Selling a house is a daunting task. Several homes are up for sale today, so most homebuyers are spoilt for choice. To successfully sell your house, you need more than good luck.

Selling a house is a daunting task. Several homes are up for sale today, so most homebuyers are spoilt for choice. To successfully sell your house, you need more than good luck.

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Careful planning, as well as marketing the homes’ best features, is crucial. It’s also important to find out your home worth before you sell your home. Also, there’s a need to professionally prepare your home to persuade potential buyers to get their checkbooks out of their pockets. Getting a real estate agent to help with the process can come in handy. But how do you pick the right one?

Researching details like when they began their operations, how many houses they have sold successfully, and whether their customers’ feedback was excellent is the place to start. Also, consider if they have the right resources to get the home in front of many potential buyers. An ideal real estate agent should organize an open house event. That way, they increase the likelihood of selling the home faster and at a competitive price.

Visitors and agents alike no longer have to deal with paperwork when attending an open house event. A real estate agent that uses a digital app captures more client details that come in handy during follow up. Using an open house sign in sheet helps them close better deals a lot easier.

A real estate agent will not only help you get a quick sale but also save you money. Team up with one as you’ll have so much to learn when it comes to making your home look more client-friendly. Be prepared to invest your time and resources to make the home look it’s absolute best for the prospective buyers who come to see it. Highlight it’s most impressive features to help them envision themselves moving into it and living there.

Here are the top five features to highlight when home staging your private residence in the marketplace:

Functional Spacious Rooms for Bigger Appearance

Homebuyers need to see large spacious rooms and closets. The fastest way to achieve that is to get rid of all the unnecessary furniture and trinkets in the house.

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Remove all your personal items, including family photos, unusual decor, and any other overly large collections on display. Get rid of any furniture that overcrowds the rooms. Removing clutter makes your house appear neater and the rooms bigger.

Whether in the attic, garage, closet, pantry, basement, or kitchen cabinets, move out everything extra even if it means asking a friend to hold them temporarily.

Don’t assume buyers won’t check there—the fewer items you have around, the better. Ample storage space can increase the likelihood of converting the lead to a buyer faster.

Doing deep cleaning after removing unnecessary items will make the room appear tidy and airy. Clean every area, including vacuuming the floor, wiping the kitchen cabinets, scrubbing the bathrooms, dusting the attic, and arranging the garage.

Ensure all the curtains are clean and stain-free. Use a freshener to make the room smell pleasant.

Also, remember that high-quality photos are essential to attract buyers. Consider hiring a photographer or an agency that specializes in commercial and residential photo editing to make sure the pictures are perfect. Ensure that each room shows its best side and is lighted properly. Letting in natural light to brighten the photos is always a good idea.

Point out the Color Theme

Consider painting the walls and fixing major scuffs and cracks to make your home more appealing. This doesn’t mean breaking the bank. A simple paint retouch can freshen up the room.

Also, add a fresh coat of paint to windows and doors. Fix up chipped paint on the railings and stairs as well. Just make sure that colors match or complement the rest of your house fixtures.

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From walls to other furnishings and furniture, strive to keep the color scheme flowing throughout your property. Keeping the color scheme consistent makes it more attractive.

If you’re trying to successfully downsize your home, there are certain colors that could help you make it happen without too much effort. It is well known that bright colours make a space look bigger and, conversely, darker colours make it look smaller.

Mesmerizing Landscape

The landscape is the first thing the buyers will see when they come. So, it’s vital to keep it well-groomed and neat to create a good impression when potential buyers drive by.

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Ensure your home’s lawn is spotless. Prune or clear the bushes, mow and rake the lawn, weed, and water the garden. Just make the yard look tidy. You may also consider adding landscaping materials to spruce up the front yard. For instance, add mulch and pebbles to create different textures and levels.

Furnishing the porch with a few cozy chairs and a simple table improves the curb appeal. Add a bit of color with potted flowers. Put up a seasonal wreath at the front door to give the visitors a friendly, warm welcome.

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Areas with Opportunities to extend or convert

Homebuyers also become more attentive to a house with a big yard that can allow an extension. So, if you have a few yards to convert to something else, it’s always good to point it out.

Extra space in the garden can potentially convert into a swimming pool, children’s play area, another house, or a garage extension. A large family would quickly fall in love with all of these opportunities.

If you already had some plans and had obtained permission for the extension, don’t forget to inform them. Obtaining building permits is a tedious process. If you’ve already done it, the buyer will start developing the area as soon as they settle in. Mentioning that will be an added advantage and would make the buyer settle for your house faster.

Environmental-friendly fixtures

Pointing out eco-friendly fixtures is a big plus. Most potential buyers understand the perks that come with energy-efficient items. From lower water heating bills, healthy indoor spaces to lower lighting costs, they will all love it.

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If you have installed a highly-efficient hot water tank, solar panels fixtures, or any installation that consumes wind harnessed energy, consider highlighting them when discussing the house. This will also help negotiate a better price for it.

Parting Shot

When staging a home for sale, it’s vital to understand that every detail counts. The more laser-specific your preparation exercise, the more impressive it’ll be to potential buyers.
Work closely with a real estate agent to sell your home faster and competitively. Emphasize all the features that would give the buyer some extra level of confidence. The options are endless!

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- by Matt Watts