Haldia Petrochemicals by Ultraconfidentiel Design

Embrace the intersection of luxury and cultural inspiration at the Haldia Petrochemicals office space in Mumbai, India, a project curated by the renowned Ultraconfidentiel Design.

Drawing inspiration from the finesse and minimalism of Japanese culture, this office space is a testament to innovative design and high-end aesthetics. Infused with high-end materials such as wood, leather, marble, and brass, the space creates an ambience of luxury from the reception area to the Chairman’s office. This innovative design forms a new approach for next-gen luxury offices where natural materials and attention to detail deliver refinement and elegance.

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About Haldia Petrochemicals

Fusing Japanese Inspiration with Office Design

The team immersed themselves in Japanese culture, a specific request from the client, and masterfully infused this inspiration into the entirety of the space. Their innovation resulted in a versatile amorphous wooden structure, enhancing the full stretch of TCG Mumbai. This unique design element invokes a continuous wave of emotion, using an array of simplistic wooden pieces to effortlessly characterize the space.

Luxurious Impressions with High-End Materials

The luxury conveyed by the wooden baffles extends from the reception area to the Chairman’s office, its effect amplified and accentuated on the surrounding walls by high-end materials such as leather, marble, brass, and wooden flooring. In the Board Room, the large table with its brass inlay work in marble becomes a focal point, replicating an art piece that captivated the Chairman’s family.

Material Selection: The Key to a Luxurious Look and Feel

Ultraconfidentiel faced the challenge of material selection head-on. As with all their projects, they sought to generate a luxurious aesthetic using a natural and neutral selection of specific materials. The outcome was a harmonious blend of minimalism and opulence. Repeated elements in various forms establish a coherent flow and narrative, paving the way for the next generation of high-end offices. This new approach enhances refinement and elegance through the thoughtful use of natural materials and meticulous attention to detail.

Subtle Materials for a Luxurious Experience

A fresh and contemporary atmosphere pervades the workstation area, thanks to the subtle greys and whites, punctuated by vibrant greens. Task lights constructed from wood harmonize with desks, creating a calming, bright, and cozy environment. The cabins follow the same design language, using the same materials to convey a formal look and feel.

Merging Organic and Abstract Elements for a Coherent Design

Organic and abstract elements, including preserved plants imported from Italy, glazed glass in cabins and corridors, and soft curved seating in the cafeteria, all contribute to a coordinated design. Each component is individually interpreted to create a seamless connection between the interior and the exterior.

Photography by Yamini Krishna

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- by Matt Watts