Bronte House by Justin Long

Located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, this inspiring villa has been designed in 2018 by Justin Long.

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We are on the coast, between Tamarama and Bronte, eastern suburbs of Sydney. The villa is very close to the beach and is coated by copper sheets that show their true age. The special tactile and material effect was a specific request from the client, who refurbished the building with the architect Justin Long, coordinated by the team of Boffi|DePadova Studio Sydney, and the landscape designer William Dangar of Dangar Barin Smith studio. Steel, stone and wood are the other materials used to intensify the natural, casual and above all welcoming atmosphere of this house. Hospitality and conviviality are the keys to access this three-levels century-old villa, redesigned with the precise idea of removing visual and physical barriers, connecting the inner and outer spaces with a focus on the versatile k14 kitchen, designed by Norbert Wangen.

The main players in this real, functional and dynamic location are the furnishings, together with the experience of whom knows how to design a home. Four bedrooms, including a suite, a studio thought as a guest room, a large number of bathrooms and two en suites, and a large and luminous living area. The villa has been restored to its former elegance adding a contemporary structure in the front and the back, to cover the terraces and entrance. The elegance marks spontaneously the choice of furniture: each piece enhances a corner, every room and the space as a whole. The Donzelletta chairs (design Michele De Lucchi) around the living room table, the Uragano chairs (design Vico Magistretti) made of rattan and wood, the Yak armchairs (design Lucidi Pevere) with the leather back in front of the fireplace, the timeless Louisana ( Vico Magistretti design) in the bedroom, the classic Pouf Capitonné in the study … all tables, sofas, lamps and everything else seem to be in the right place since forever. The desire is to take notes to get inspirations.

Photography by Tom Ferguson

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- by Matt Watts