PR House by DA+S

PR House is a stunning single-family home designed by DA+S, nestled in the sunny and breezy city of Phan Rang–Tháp Chàm, Vietnam. This contemporary house, completed in 2019, harmoniously blends indoor and outdoor living, allowing residents to embrace the area’s natural beauty and enjoy its 300 days of sunshine a year.

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About PR House

Embracing Phan Rang’s Unique Climate

Phan Rang is famous for its sunny and windy weather throughout the year. In this climate, local people often choose to build closed houses that protect them from the outdoor elements, ensuring a comfortable indoor living environment. This design choice creates a clear distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces. As a result, residents spend most of their daytime inside buildings, venturing out only in the late afternoon or evening when the sun has set.

The Abundance of Sunshine in Phan Rang

With 300 sunny days per year, Phan Rang residents experience more sunlight than any other region in Vietnam. This leads to consistently high temperatures throughout the year. Despite the heat, the atmosphere remains incredibly fresh, boasting a beautiful blue sky and vibrant sunlight.

The Importance of Buffer Areas in Living Spaces

When designing living spaces in Phan Rang, architects often emphasize buffer areas. These transitional spaces, located between the indoors and outdoors, should be larger than usual to accommodate a variety of activities. However, the boundaries of these spaces are often blurred, as they may sometimes belong to the outdoors and be affected by nature or be considered part of the indoor area, effectively expanding the living space. The air flowing through these buffer zones cools down, thanks to the local vegetation and humidity from nearby water surfaces. These transitional spaces also provide residents with increased opportunities to connect with natural light and air.

Photography courtesy of DA+S

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- by Matt Watts