BP20 House by StudioPAPA

BP20 House is a two-story contemporary house located in Surabaya, Indonesia, designed in 2021 by StudioPAPA.

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BP20 is bold, a tropical modern house that is located in a residential complex in west Surabaya, Indonesia, spanning on a 120sqm plot of land. The client, a young couple, approached studioPAPA to design a house that is easy on the eye, yet still stands out from others. To make a strong statement, a floating wide steel canopy is added. Whilst attempting to keep the tropical ambience, a small inner garden is immediately visible to welcome the client home.

Limited space was the challenge. The architect attempted to create a wide open space ambience by placing the column design on the sides of the building. A horizontal seamless blend was highlighted by connecting the house entrance straight to the inner space, the living room, only separated by a glass sliding door. Whilst the stairs are designed open with voids as a vertical link between the open lower space and the private upper space.

The sunlight and airflow throughout the house is also maximized by the opening and skylight on each side of the building. Considering the harsh weather of Surabaya, high gable roof was designed to reduce the extreme heat impact on the room below. The use of extensive overhangs and louvers on each openings provide shade and reduce solar gain.

Dark Grey color dominates the monochrome façade of the house, while earthy natural tones highlights the interior of the house.

Photography courtesy of StudioPAPA

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- by Matt Watts