Casa #A404 by Studio Didea

Casa #A404 is a modern minimalist apartment located in Palermo, Italy, designed in 2022 by Studio Didea.

Casa #A404 by Studio Didea - 1
Casa #A404 by Studio Didea - 2
Casa #A404 by Studio Didea - 3
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Casa #A404 by Studio Didea - 5
Casa #A404 by Studio Didea - 6


Refined and contemporary atmospheres, a welcoming apartment that makes every corner of the house functional.

It is from this request of the clients, a young couple, that the Didea studio designed the apartment of about 90 square meters. on the mezzanine floor of a multi-story building, with double access, from the entrance hall of the building and directly from the street.

The living area, designed in the portion of the building that overlooks the private access, is characterized by the warm tones of natural oak, gray resin but also warm white which, conforming to the color of the paint on the walls and ceilings, gives brightness and at the same time it harmonizes the surrounding chromes, accentuating the elegance of the space.

The entrance from the hallway is designed as a secondary entrance that allows direct access to the hallway between the living area and the sleeping area, so as to have the possibility to go directly to the sleeping area.

The masonry envelope, covered with a warm white compact paint, together with the lacquered wood elements, make welcoming spaces comfortable and homogeneous. In the small spaces of the bathrooms, the details of the oak furniture highlight the contrast with the resin box.

Photography by Peter Molloy

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- by Matt Watts