How to Decorate your Dorm Room

Your dorm room is your home for at least a couple of years. For this reason, you need to make it cozy and comfortable to be willing to come back.

Moving to college can be hard for many reasons: first, you get homesick because you say goodbye to your parents, old friends, and carefree life at home. Secondly, you become an adult and will have to take all responsibilities like paying off your college loan, cooking meals, taking care of the room you live in, and working part-time to cover all your current expenses. Thirdly, even with all parties and fun you have in college, you still need to study hard not to drop out, which means either sleepless nights or a good paper helper to assist you. All this can be really stressful, and to make it feel at least a bit better, you can decorate your dorm room to be less homesick and more encouraged to come back to the place where you can relax and be yourself. There are a few simple ways for this nice transformation.

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Top great ideas for an easy room decoration

Dorm rooms serve college students for many purposes: this is a place to sleep, study, have a meal, relax, have fun with friends, and many other things. To make the most out of such limited space, you need to do some rearrangements and transformations, including the ones that will make your small room cozy, comfortable, and just nice. First, you need to talk to your roomie because you are not the one living here. Besides, this way, you can share costs for the paint, furniture, and small cute things that can help you make your room feel like home. Here is what you can actually do:

1. Remove old furniture

Of course, you can`t just throw it away unless you are willing to compensate college for its cost. But you can talk to the administration and ask for permission to move it to another place until you graduate. Instead, you can bring your own bed, wardrobe and other things that can make you feel like home;

2. Paint the walls

Nothing can make the dorm room smaller and gloomier than the standard grey color of its walls. Why not change it? Buy some cheap paint (it can be either pastel or bright colors, depending on your preferences) and have the walls colored. You can also highlight studying and sleeping zones with different colors;

3. Color the drawers

Even if your chest of drawers is old and terribly looking, you can wait with the purchase of new furniture. Have you heard of adhesive vinyl? It is much better than paint, so you can use it to have the drawers colored. It will bring an absolutely new touch;

4. Use stick-on hooks

All dorm rooms are small, so you need to use everything you can, not to have your clothes and other stuff piled up on your bed and chairs. We recommend using vertical space with shelves and stick-on hooks that are great for storage and can be easily removed at the end of the year;

5. Add greenery

Plants are always a good idea: they bring some fresh air and make your room cozier. In fact, with the help of greenery, you can make any space look more like home. You can buy a few plants that don’t need to be watered too often and which are okay with being in the shadow as they don’t require much of your attention;

6. Buy curtains

With curtains, any room automatically looks cozier. They can also save you from too bright daylight and your curious neighbors watching you exercise in your room in the evening. In any case, it`s a win-win option;

7. Get a mirror

Everybody needs a multi-functional mirror to make sure you look great before you leave your room. You can also use it to hold clothes, towels and other stuff, and it doesn’t take much space in your room as it is hanging on one of the walls;

8. Have pillows for seating

In addition to those pillows that make your bed more comfortable or those that you use to read a book, you can also get some pillows to seat on them. It is especially useful when your friends come for a movie night or guitar and pizza evening;

9. Create a reading space

With the help of paint and bright garland, you can create a special zone where you can relax with a great book, a cup of tea, and a checkered plaid. It can be a small nook, but it can be your place to get away from the real world;

10. Hang pictures

Empty walls don`t look nice, so fill this space with bookshelves, posters, and pictures of your friends and family. If you like drawing, you can choose a lovely art pattern and implement it on your wall. Just make sure it will match the overall atmosphere;

11. Buy bright appliances

You can transform your kitchen nook, where your fridge and other stuff are kept, with bright plates, cups, and other appliances essential for your dorm life. Add more colors to your life with these small touches.

- by Matt Watts