Laif by Bauen

Laif is a revolutionary two-story house nestled in the beautiful Altos, Paraguay, where sustainable living takes center stage. Designed by Bauen in 2018, this industrial-style marvel redefines the idea of a movable home with recyclable materials and a minimal carbon footprint. With a unique blend of low-cost recycled metal and warm, inviting textures, Laif’s three parallelepiped structures create a dynamic and fluid space that effortlessly connects the indoors and outdoors.

Experience the future of eco-friendly architecture in the heart of Paraguay’s scenic landscape.

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About Laif

Exploring Sustainable, Movable Homes

What if we could construct a house that can be easily relocated, built with eco-friendly materials, and boasting a minimal carbon footprint? This intriguing idea sparked the creation of a truly sustainable home.

Utilizing Low-Cost Recycled Metal

To achieve this vision, we turned to low-cost recycled metal. We designed it to develop a natural patina over time, which not only highlights the material’s unique texture but also contrasts its inherent hardness to create a warmer, more inviting living space.

A Trio of Parallelepipeds and Sliding Enclosures

The home’s structure consists of three parallelepipeds – two horizontal and one vertical – set on a foundation of metal profiles. We incorporated sliding enclosures that can seamlessly integrate or separate indoor and outdoor areas, offering versatile living options.

Minimalist and Fluid Living Spaces: Introducing Laif

The end result is Laif, a minimalist, fluid living space that answers the question “What if?” With this innovative design, we’ve created a home that is not only sustainable and adaptable but also an exceptional example of modern architecture and interior design.

Photography by Federico Cairoli

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- by Matt Watts