Laif by Bauen

Designed in 2018 by Bauen, this industrial two-story house is situated in Altos, Paraguay.

Laif by Bauen - 1
Laif by Bauen - 2
Laif by Bauen - 3
Laif by Bauen - 4
Laif by Bauen - 5
Laif by Bauen - 6
Laif by Bauen - 7
Laif by Bauen - 8


What If? This question starts the search, what if we build a house that can be moved from one place to another, with recyclable materials and low carbon footprint? A SUSTAINABLE house.

A low cost recycled metal was the solution, to which we gave the appearance that time will eventually provide. The oxide defines the materiality and texture which at the same time seeks to contrast its hardness to make it warmer, more livable and appropriate.

Three parallelepipeds, two horizontal and a vertical one on a tape of metal profiles release the base plane. We added sliding enclosures that either integrate or separate the interior and exterior areas.

Minimalist space. Fluid space. The answer to the question “What if?” is Laif

Photography by Federico Cairoli

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- by Matt Watts